McGuire Air Force Base Address
McGuire AFB NJ, 08641

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McGuire AFB


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McGuire Air Force Base

The McGuire Air Force Base is named after Major Thomas B. McGuire Jr., one of the greatest American military men in World War II, killed in 1945, McGuire is a very important Air Force Base located in the state of New Jersey, in the proximity of New Hanover and North Hanover. The demographics of the base are of 6,478 people, all of them working and living in an area of about 5.4 km2 of constructed space.

McGuire AFB hosts the 305th Air Mobility Wing and it was open in 1937 as a semi-facility military base. The 305th Air Mobility Wing is very important as it has a primary mission of "extending America's global reach by generating, mobilizing and deploying C-17 and KC-10 aircraft", as declared by Commander, Colonel Balan Ayyar. The historical purpose of McGuire was to conduct strategic airlift and air refueling missions, a field in which they do lots of training to achieve their goal.

The base's logo is a iron hand and a wing joined together, the symbols of power, strength and flight hold 3 arrows, a symbol of ruling the world. McGuire’s motto is very interesting. They say “Can Do” even when they're in dire straits. Moreover, the base has a lot of attractions around as it is near New Jersey, and everybody knows there are lots of spare time activities to be performed around. However, the housing services are poor and they recommend staying around the facility as there is no room in the base camp.

The McGuire Air Force base's most recent mission was an air refueling exercise which was very successful and, as a result, McGuire was heavily popularized. However, they have some unfavorable media also, due to their ecologically-unfriendly waste.